ATV-Front Shocks-Piggyback Coil Spring

Piggyback Coil Spring

Piggyback Coil Spring


For those who require a cleaner, more streamlined installation, piggyback reservoir shocks win out over the traditional style remote reservoir shocks.

Custom Axis’s piggyback style shocks give the most efficient packaging of a high-performance shock absorber. By attaching the gas reservoir to the main shock body, performance is enhanced as the connection between them is minimized for the least flow restriction and reduced response lag that can result from flexible hoses.

Additionally, installation and removal is simplified by eliminating the need to route hoses and determine mounting location of the reservoir. This allows the shock to be removed from the vehicle quickly by simply removing two bolts.

The compression adjusters use design and construction which has been proven in Indycar and F-1 racing, and have been re-engineered to meet the unique demands of ATV and Snowmobile racing.

Customs Axis’s piggyback style shock is the highest performing conventional shock absorber available with distinct packaging advantages.


  • Double Adjustable Damping
    (1 Compression, 1 Rebound)
  • Triple Adjustable Damping
    (2 Compression, 1 Rebound)
  • Easy to Grab and Adjust Compression and Rebound Knobs
  • Simple and Efficient Design
  • Low-Friction Seals and Wipers for Low Breakaway Force
  • Modular Design to Allow Retrofit to Existing Shocks


  • Lightweight
  • Easy Installation and Removal
  • Extensive Adjustability for any Conditions
  • Race Winning Components (XC, MX, and Snowmobile)

Available Upgrades

  • X-Link System
  • Plush Ride System
  • Titanium Springs

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